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Medical Coding

  • Best Practices’ Certified Professional Coders, (CPC), offer a thorough understanding of CPT, ICD-9 and ICD-10 coding, medical record documentation including proper use of modifiers recognized by third-party insurance carriers to assist with determining appropriate physician payment.
  • Best Practices can provide physician and staff training on the most accurate use of medical coding. Best Practices also implements processes to speed claims payment and help ensure your procedures are correctly billed and paid upon initial claim submission. Best Practices provides practice management services to help enhance your business operations.
  • In addition, Best Practices offers physician clients a comprehensive coding service through their affiliation with The Coding Network, LLC and hospital clients through KT Coding.
  • For those practices which prefer to outsource all of their coding to the experts, Best Practices can coordinate this service option through their business affiliation with The Coding Network, LLC and KT Coding.