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Crystal Clinic, a 39 provider Orthopaedic specialty practice serves patients in Northeast Ohio and neighboring states such as Pennsylvania and Michigan. In November 2004, Crystal Clinic retained Odyssey Health Systems and its’ Best Practices Division to provide billing and accounts receivable management.

Dr. Suntken, Crystal Clinic's CEO, and Mary Hudec, Odyssey Health Systems' CEO, review quarterly results.

Dr. Suntken, Crystal Clinic’s CEO, and Mary Hudec, Odyssey Health Systems’ CEO, review quarterly results.

Following completion of the first year, Crystal Clinic achieved the following results:

  • An increase in net collections of 1.6%, even though Medicare decreased the overall reimbursement rate to Orthopaedic surgeons by 4% in 2005.
  • A decrease in days of revenue outstanding from 62 days to 41 days, or 21 days, which is a 33.9% reduction.
  • A reduction of 40% in the percentage of A/R over 120 days.
  • Attainment of MGMA Better Performer benchmarks in accounts receivable aging categories without writing off balances as un-collectible. This achievement continued throughout 2011.

Odyssey Health Systems and Best Practices’ comprehensive approach to medical billing and accounts receivable management allowed our practice to realize a substantial return from clean-up of the old receivable, which may otherwise have never been collected. Their commitment to physician and staff training and education relative to medical record documentation and proper E&M and surgical coding, has taken us to the point where we feel confident we can withstand any future governmental or payer audit. Their continued proactive oversight of our practice’s business and financial operations has allowed us to collect every dollar possible, while at the same time integrating new physicians, new offices, and new service lines which included an Orthopaedic Specialty Hospital that opened in May 2009.

As an MGMA Better Performing practice for the past 7 years, we fully endorse Odyssey Health Systems and their Best Practices Division. Like our physician group practice, our hospital facility with a medical staff of 385 physicians and 23 occupational and physical therapists has experienced the same results.

Ronald R. Suntken, Ed.D., FACMPE,
President and Chief Executive Officer of Crystal Clinic Orthopaedic Center