Jeffrey Grover, President DyMedics, LLC

I have worked with Mary Hudec and Odyssey Health Systems in several capacities and projects for almost ten years. I have been consistently impressed with their performance and dedication.

One of Odyssey’s strengths is their continual communication and timely responsiveness. Every member of the team was professional, courteous and willing to go “the extra mile”. They take real ownership of the client’s issues.

Odyssey has always approached medical billing as a full service cash management solution rather than a mechanical or technical function. The on-going proactive advice and process improvement suggestions result in avoidance of problems as opposed to constantly “putting out fires”. I appreciated their willingness to function as a true partner, as opposed to, an outsource company that would not accept responsibility outside of a narrow task focus.

I highly recommend Odyssey Health Systems.


Jeffrey T. Grover
President, DyMedics, LLC