The Ohio State University Medical Center–Columbus, Ohio

Odyssey Health Systems was selected amongst several vendor finalists to assist The Ohio State University’s Sports Medicine Center to collect the Center’s accounts receivable since some of the physicians and physical therapists of the Sports Medicine Center had decided to transition into private practice. Given the aging of the accounts receivable and payer mix, Odyssey’s collection performance resulted in the Center attaining 99.37% of what Odyssey projected to collect at the onset of the project. The Center’s Gross FFS collections reflected 45% of the total accounts receivable when in some instances, dates of service were 2 years old or more. Odyssey’s optimal performance, coupled with their staff’s medical billing and coding expertise, allowed the OSU Sports Medicine Center to collect every dollar possible on the remaining accounts receivable. We highly recommend Odyssey Health Systems and their Best Practices division to any healthcare provider seeking a quality medical billing and accounts receivable management solution.


Michael S. Browning
Associate Executive Director & CFO
The Ohio State University Medical Center
The OSU Primary Care Network