The Coding Network

We’ve been honored to be a business partner of Odyssey’s for the last thirteen years. In fact, Odyssey was our first billing company client.

We’ve learned a few things about Odyssey over that time. Its management team, Mary and Cindy, are honest and honorable individuals who have a relentless focus on service. Integrity is the foundation of their actions, and they work every day to be a company that their clients’ can trust.

The Odyssey employees are encouraged to take their work personally. I’ve seen how Mary and Cindy strive to make Odyssey the place where good people want to work. They encourage the staff to think and act like owners because they “own” the company’s clients. They have an uncommon ability to work together, and as a group, they care about each other, the quality of their work and service, and their value to the clients.

Mary and Cindy know that Odyssey’s clients expect accuracy, reliability, and performance at a fair price, so they respond by providing unparalleled levels of client-centered service as a means of protecting their clients and projecting Odyssey’s business. This fundamental approach means that speed, intelligence, and going “above and beyond” are everyday occurrences.


J. Mark Babst, M.P.A, FACMPE President
The Coding Network