The LJB Group, LLC

Larry Longhi, President of The LJB Group, LLC

The LJB Group, LLC has been business partners with Odyssey Health Systems for the past two years. Due to their unique expertise in medical coding, practice management billing, and overpayment recovery, our combined services have been successful in the assessment and recovery of medical claims over payments for self-funded payers.

Mary and Cindy, along with their team, made a significant influence to our product design and deployment. Their professionalism and expertize allows us to collaborate directly with providers in a manner that is open to investigation of coding errors which results in reimbursement success.

Honesty, integrity, and competence best defines Odyssey Health Systems’ people and we are proud to be doing business with them. We highly recommend Odyssey Health Systems for anyone looking for these qualities.

Larry Longhi
The LJB Group, LLC